Client: Microsoft

Time: 2014.04 - 2014.07

Type: concept design

Role: lead designer, worked with Kathy Thompson, Neil Cueto


Springboard is a proof-of-concept project aiming to improve the productivity of your work life. Like a business assistant, the mobile app helps prep for your day, navigate meetings, and stay on top of emails. What's next is always at a glance, so you can quickly take actions by just a few taps.

As the lead designer, I drove the product's conceptualization to product development for three months. Based on a list of technology that Microsoft can offer, we worked with two PMs who helped to create scenarios. Another designer and I came up with five different apps. The winner was picked after running several focus group studies and team discussion. In the meantime, I made the presentation to executives to help the project get funded. In the second stage, I worked with designers from Office on iterating interaction model, designing new features, refining information system.